Kaveh Rostamkhani

It’s About Coal

The Green Valleys of Wales were once famous and became essential part of the British industry due to their large coal reserves. Today, Wales now forms a bleak closed chapter of the former industrialisation, now almost forgotten. A chapter sealed closed with the defeat of the Miners’ Strike in 1984/85

 It’s All About Coal deals with the legacy of coal in South Wales and what has happened to the former miners. Their portraits have become an elegy to their lives and the history of Welsh coal. It is also about nature and environment, the memory of a land that was extensively shaped by man.

Rostamkhani’s project deals with a countryside that was once built on for its extraction, then to be exported to the world. Now as a victim of globalisation it is hit by a financial and a cultural recession and in danger of vanishing from the world‘s collective memory, despite having reserves of the highest quality for almost half a century still left beneath it.


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