James Kieran Doran

‘untitled’ vol.1

Doran’s photographic style has always been autobiographical and an attempt to understand his placement within society. untitled is about the deterioration in someone’s mental health and the struggle to return to a healthy mind. This project has attempted to address issues that may not be apparent to most of society as well as the compulsion for self-destruction physically, mentally and emotionally.

Through the journey of making untitled Doran has found solace in an open Anglican Church who is accepting of members from the LGBT community. Whilst trying to understand the reason for this total acceptance and openness, he has managed to find the support he has been seeking.

Blurring the lines between Doran’s person life and photographic one untitled combines and juxtaposes two seemingly unique elements as a commentary from the views of the members of the Anglican Church and his own on the notion of Community.


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