Gabriella Rose


‘We do not walk the earth alone; we share our home with many. We live alongside the trees, the animals and the plants. Together we breathe, we grow and together we die.’

Anima raises questions about the world of mass consumption and how it has taken advantage of our earth, damaging and destroying natural habitats, forests and oceans, the animals and polluting the air. We are not only damaging earth for ourselves, we are damaging it for the plants, trees and animals.

Rose has addressed the relationship we have with animals. They are bred for mass consumption; pumped full of antibiotics and growth hormones; treated inhumanely and kept in terrible conditions and then lead to slaughter. They live painfully dark lives. It is only our ignorance that keeps us from asking the difficult questions. Who is doing the killing? Who is holding the trigger, the hammer or the knife? Is it the butcher, the farmer or the consumer? Could you kill for the meat you ate? Could you stand in front of an animal and take its life?




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