Eugenijus Barzdžius

Harvest Of Wetland

Barzdžius‘s Harvest of Wetland is a striking documentation of the cultivation of illegal allotments established by a group of 15 pensioners on a piece of wetland in Šiauliai, Lithuania. Together, they work to erect buildings from scrap materials, dig drainage systems and build demaracation lines to prepare the land for the fruits and vegetables. In Spring and Autumn a tractor is hired to plough the land after harvest and at the beginning of each potato planting season.

Buildings and greenhouses that are sometimes devasted by homeless people, are quickly repaired from any materials the pensioners can gather. The produce is harvested, conserved and stored for food during the winters. For some it has become a major source of food for their tables all year round due to inadequate financial support from their pensions. For others it has become a kind of therapy; to escape from the four walls of their homes; to maintain a connection with Earth and to prepare the ground ready for the next generation.

This project won 

PDN Photo Annual 2013 in student’s category and is also receiver of the MARTY FORSCHER FELLOWSHIP FUND for outstanding achievements in humanistic photography.





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