Dimitra Kountiou

Ganga Mata (Mother Ganges)

Mother Ganges is considered a sacred river and every year thousands of Hindu pilgrims visit her to bathe in the waters. They call her Ganga Mata (Mother Ganges). She is the giver of Life, the one who purifies from sin, the one who cleanses body and soul.

The myth tells us that Ganga, who was a beautiful young Goddess, was sent to earth to purify people from sin, as a punishment, and that, when she descended, Shiva opened his hair to catch her, as her force was so ferocious.

Until today, she continues to be adored and her value is precious. Dimitra Kountiou travels along the Ganges, visiting important pilgrimage sites. She is exploring the relationship of pilgrims with Mother Ganges, capturing with her lens their traditions, their affection and feelings and thus revealing their devotion.


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